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Nigeria is Africa most populous nation, with over 200 million people 800+ Sales Per Week! .Nigeria is also africa’s  biggest economy .There are thus countless things to do in Nigeria, GDP for 2013 totalled 80.3 trillion naira (£307.6bn: $509.9bn), the Nigerian statistics office said! and places to visit.Are you in Nigeria? Yes? Congratulations! Yes, you are to be congratulated for looking past all the negative news and images about this country flooding the international media and yes, even the local media. Sure there are lot of bad things in Nigeria, but the good things far outweigh the bad.
So now that you’re in Nigeria, here’s a list of things to do before you leave. Contrary to popular opinion, the Nigerian people are very friendly and laid back people (with the odd criminal of course, we’re not a perfect nation) so you can just relax and enjoy the Nigerian experience.