Accommodation-in-Nigeria-1-330x192You are definitely going to like Nigeria. Although you might find it difficult to get to all the corners of Nigeria ,as it’s certainly a challenging destination for first-timers. However when you understand the transportation systems and how to interact with the people you will find it extremely easy to shuttle your way around. Although there are scare stories  and tales about Nigeria, well that is normal for every country, you just want to be in the right place at the right time.  Accommodation is quiet cheap and affordable. It depends on your taste and how much you are willing to spend for accommodation. There are the normal  hotel star ratings-5star,4start, etc, but hotels price starts from N3000 upwards to as high as N2000 per night depending on the location you are. Hotels are fairly expensive in Lagos and Abuja . Again, like I said earlier one it depends on the location you are in the city.

If you are looking for Nigeria holiday accommodation, there are plenty of websites for you to use in order to have a wide range of hotel a selection.Travellers to Nigeria have to choose from different type of accommodation ranging from Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Self-catering and other budget holiday accommodation in Nigeria. Before you book hotels in Nigeria it is advised that you read independent reviews from users of the hotel. There are thousands of sites to do. Tripadvisor is one very popular website where you read honest reviews from people who have actually used the hotel. Whilst not all hotels in Nigeria are in trip advisor, so it maybe be wise to just book a hotel that appeal to you using your instinct and maybe past book experience.

Booking hotels online is possible in some Nigeria locations. In some areas you just have to show at the door to book your hotel. Online booking is common with high-class hotels in Nigeria, such as the Sheratons, and many other new hotels springing up in Nigeria. We compared to the ones that use online facility, the best bet will be to show at the door of the hotel, book your room and that is it. There is also the worry of security. While the security of hotels in Nigeria is not 100% many over the years have invested their time and money on hotel security so many hotels in Nigeria are fairly secured. That said, there is nothing that stop a holiday maker from securing his person things himself; keep money in a safe place-preferably carry it alone if it is not that much, lock your bags in the room and don’t stay too late outside.

Finally, there is virtually nowhere in the world where you can say that the hotel is 100% secured. Flaws exist in all facilities and so Nigeria is not different. For international visitors or foreign visitors hotel accommodation is cheap and affordable. Play safe and make sure you let your consulate knows you are visiting Nigeria. Stay away from very remote hotels. it is suggested that you stay within city and town cities . Nigeria is a great country with friendly and very receiving people. It is not as bad as what we read in the media. Enjoy.