Oyostate1With a wide range of Arts and culture , and cultural activities in Nigeria,there exist also a broad range of theatre and dance. The file industry is striving at a rate it has never experienced before. Nigeria is often regarded as Africa capital for outstanding home videos ,an industry that is said to worth over 1billion US dollars.No doubt while there is an increasingly outstanding music festivals, blockbuster movie locations, breathtaking art and architecture and a captivating literary history – Nigeria has a truly thriving arts and culture scene. Now is the perfect time to plan your trip to Nigeria to ensure you make the most of the wonderful arts and culture on offer.

Although Nigeria is a multi-ethnic country with over 521 languages and over 250 dialects and ethnic groups, three major groups exist, the Hausa, Yoruba and Ibos. The Yoruba’s are predominant in the southwestern region of Nigeria .The Ibos are in the eastern part while the Hausas are predominant in the Northern region of Nigeria. The rest of the group, which are often termed as the “minorities “ are found all over these regions.
The Hausa tend to be Muslim and the Igbo are predominantly Christian. The Efik, Ibibio, Annang people are mainly Christian. The Yoruba have a balance of members that are adherent to both Islam and Christianity. Indigenous religious practices remain important in all of Nigeria’s ethnic groups, these beliefs are often blended with Christian beliefs.

The Nigerian movie industry, often referred to as the “Nollywood” is today one of the fastest-growing cultural force all over the continent. The movies produced in Nigeria are watched all over the Africa and North America.Because of this western influence including music, dress and movies can be found all across Nigeria including the Islamic and highly conservative north of the country.

Nigeria’s cultural heritage is woven from threads of history and diversity, legend and conquest. Tourists visiting the country will gain insights to a glorious past as well as a promising future, set amid the natural beauty of this diverse country. From rain forests in the south, broad savanna woodlands in the center to a semi-desert region in the north, Nigeria offers a remarkable range of physical beauty in her land and hospitality of her people, ready to be enjoyed by the tourist fortunate enough to choose this land of ancient empires as their travel destination.