Participants sing and dance during the Eyo festival in Nigeria's commercial capital LagosNigeria is the home of various cultural festivals each symbolizing the unique culture of the people. To date there are over 1000 local festivals in Nigeria. Festivals in Nigeria has been taking place even before  the arrival of religion. The local festivals  normally cover a series of events, from  new yam harvest festivals in the southern Nigeria  to  betrothal festivals end of season festival , to the investing of a new chief and funerals. It seems odd to Western ways of thinking to see a funeral as something to be celebrated. But for many of the tribes, death means joining the ancestors, and so the deceased must get a good send-off.The dances that were once performed by members of each village have now been taken over by professional troupes, who tour villages performing at each local festival.
The Muslim year revolves around the three major festivals, Id Al Fitri, Id Al Kabir, and Id Al Maulud. The main event in the Islamic calendar is the festival that celebrates the end of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month-long observation of fasting. During the hours of sunlight no one must eat or drink; some very religious people will not even swallow. Each evening at dusk is a celebration of sorts, as the family prepares to break the fast. In towns people do so by going out to one of the markets, where stallholders will be prepared for the hungry people. At the end of Ramadan there is a celebration, which varies in style among the different Muslim tribes.The Christian calendar is also celebrated, chielfy in the south of the country. Christian groups have moved closer to the rituals of their indigenous religions when celebrating Christian festivals.
Festival dates in Nigeria.
Festivals take place in different months in Nigeria.Whilst the list is not exhaustive please  find below a timetable of the various festivals in Nigeria.

1 Argungu Fishing Festival Kebbi State March
2 Kano Durbar Kano State During Sallah
3 Katsina Durbar Katsina State During Sallah
4 Minna Durbar Niger State During Sallah
5 Nyonyo Fishing Festival Taraba State March/April
6 INE Festival Isele Uku, Delta State September
7 Igboukwu New Yam Festival Anambra State August
8 Usi Day Celebration Ekiti State August
9 Calabar carnnival Cross River State Nov/ December
10 Osun Osogbo Festival Osun State August
11 Ilero Ekiti Cultural Festival Ekiti State August
12 Igue Festival Benin, Edo State December
13 Owu Day Celebration Ogun State October
14 Olokun Festival Badagry,Lagos State October
15 Olojo Festival Ile-Ife, Osun State October
16 Ojude Oba Festival Ijebu –Ode, Ogun State November
17 Puuskat Festival Mangu, Plateau State May
18 Children.s Day Celebration Nation Wide May 27”
19 Igbo Uturu Cultural Carnival Abia State December/January
20 Ovia Osese Festival Ogori, Kogi State May
21 Nupe Day Celebration Niger State June
22 Beere Festival Saki, Oyo State April/May
23 Kwagh-hir/ Masquerade Festival Makurdi, Benue State December
24 Shiloh Religious Conference Ota, Ogun State December

Another festival highly celebrated in the southern part of  Nigeria,mainly the edo people is the new yam festival.It symbolizes the harvest and beginning  of the new yam season. The Igue festival is also celebrated by the Edo people and this normally take place during the month of December. The exact date of the festival is not fixed and it is only announced by the Oba of Benin. in the northern part of Nigeria, you have the Kano, Minna and Katsina Durbar festival. all symbolized uniqueness in their culture.The Durbar festival has been celebrated over  hundreds of years to the time when the Emirate (state) in the north used horses in warfare. During the Durbar festival ,the various town and district, and household unite with the emir celebrate  the defense of the Emirate. The Durbar festival takes place  just once or twice a year.