Nigerian Food

Nigeria Food Just like  Nigeria Festivals ,Nigeria takes food seriously, and although they embrace many of western oriented food, Nigeria has a mix of food for different culture. Each ethnic group have their own specialty. There are some very popular food stuff in Nigeria  such as rice and stew, beans or peas, ripe plantain normally called dodo. These types of food are in fact eaten all over the country. However, a visit to Nigeria will enable you to experience traditional Nigerian food and no matter what your taste is, Nigeria has something for you to suit your appetite. Nigeria is a blessed country, from south to north, east and west, you will love them food and drinks. Many Nigerian food recipes come mainly from a selection of semi solid dough or boiled servings prepared from cassava, plantain, yam, cocoyam, millet, beans, maize, or rice, served with a typical Nigerian soup or stew. Meals are also served with plenty of fruits easily grown near homes.A very light meal is often eaten in the morning, like akara (shown here in the top right), served with pap (ogi or ), or bread and a cup of tea.Eba is one very popular Nigeria food eaten by nearly 70% of the population. It is solid food made from cassava. It is not very expensive and so easily affordable by a majority of the population. The interesting thing about the meal is that it can be combined with different soups to make it delicious. You can eat it with ogbolo soup, ewedo soup. You can also use eguisi soup and even vegetable soup. Visitors to Nigeria like to have a taste of this special meal.The edos eat almost as the ibos but more of pounded yam. In fact the edo eat more conventionally such as rice, beans, yam. Their favourite tend to be pounded yam. Traditional Benin soup cooked and served in earthenware pots and serve as accompaniment to boiled yam or plantain

It is also very important to note that different ethnic group tend to have their food specialty. Take for example, the Yorubas like the amala , which is solid meal made from plantain flour with okro soup. The Ibos like their orgha soup which is made from a combination of b=vegetable and other native ingredients. The hausa like their Tuwo Masara (Tuo Masara). The Hausa most common food that the Hausa people prepare consists of grains,

Nigerian Drinks
Nigerian drinks include both soft drinks and all kinds of edible juice that are prepared and consumed in Nigeria. This article aims to showcase some of those drinks and explain how the ordinary person can be able to make them for personal consumption. Apart from the popular brands like Cocoa Cola, Pepsi, laccasera, Viju milk etc. we are going to learn how to prepare some of the locally made drinks in Nigeria.There is no particular advisory limit to the amount of drink you can drink in Nigeria just as it is in many western countries, although it is advised that you drink to your satisfaction. There are also local drinks drank in different locations of Nigeria. Palm wine is a traditional drink often tapped in the southwestern and eastern part of Nigeria. There are countless local drinks in Nigeria, although the widely drank soft drinks still are the cola products.Star, harp, gulder and Guinness are very popular alcoholic drinks in Nigeria brewed by Nigeria brewery. However, there are local brewed drinks, notably one is termed ogogoro- which is almost 96% spirited.Nigeria is multi-ethnic and a very diver nation with over 150million. The food and people are unique and it is very difficult to write about the thousands of food that are readily available in Nigeria. Rice, Eba ,Beans are in fact the three major food in Nigeria.